So, You're a Christian! Now What?

by Catherine Painter

Catherine Painter became a Christian while she was a student at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. Following graduation, she married a Christian minister who had “grown up in church.” Becoming a minister’s wife highlighted Catherine’s biblical ineptness as she juggled her numerous church responsibilities including teaching new believers. Differences between her Christian experience and her husband Jack’s spurred her effort to mature spiritually through study and research. “So, You’re a Christian! Now What? is the Bible study I needed, and felt called to write after retiring from my teaching career,” she says. “While Jack’s sermons aided my spiritual growth, I needed a Bible study to bridge the gaps between my limited scriptural knowledge and the place his sermons began. “Seasoned church members may assume that because their new siblings in Christ are physically mature, they are spiritually mature as well. More accurately, many will benefit from leader and small group while mastering the same aspects of spiritual growth the physical process includes.”

So, You’re a Christian! Now What? compares and contrasts the two processes, guiding new believers and long-time Christians who may have missed something along the way. In addition to So, You’re a Christian! Now What? Catherine writes Bible curriculum on state and national levels.

Catherine and Jack Painter live in Raleigh, NC. They have two married daughters and six grandchildren.

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A twelve-week Bible study geared for youth through adults of any age.

Being Born, and Being Born
   Again (Your New Life)

Receiving a Name

Learning to Trust
   (Assurance of Your Salvation)

Learning to Communicate
   (With God in Quiet Time)

Learning to Feed Yourself
   (With God’s Word)

Learning to Dress Yourself
   (In God’s Armor)

Bearing the Family Resemblance
   (Manifesting the Fruit of the

Assuming Your Role in the Family
   (Using Your Talents and Spiritual

Learning the Family Rules
   (What God Expects)

Finding Your Hands and Feet
   (Serving Christ by Serving

Learning to Share
   (Your Personal Testimony)

Learning to Walk
   (The Road that Leads to Life)

Learning to Talk
   (The Language of Christians)
   A Glossary of Christian terms

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